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We are announcing a new service – genomic testing of tumors by next-generation sequencing (NGS) in an external laboratory of Foundation Medicine Inc. (FMI, Germany). The Foundation One Genomic Test is a way to identify personal risks (genetic mutations) and identify how to manage them. This is a comprehensive genomic profiling for the individual selection of antitumor therapy. • High accuracy. • Complete coverage of the mutations. • Treatment with maximum results. The treatment will be able to adapt to the unique characteristics of the tumor in a particular Patient. Comprehensive genomic testing with the ability to assess the response to therapy at the genomic level will give the oncologist a reliable tool for choosing personalized treatment-targeted or immunotherapy. Foundation One's comprehensive genomic profiling will help: • In complex cases, when the possibilities of standard treatment are exhausted. • For rare types of cancer. • For solid tumors with extensive targeted therapy options (lung cancer, melanoma, breast cancer). Genomic testing will help you find rare mutations and personalize the treatment approach for each individual patient. How is the Foundation One test performed? • The analysis of 4 main classes of genomic changes in 324 genes relevant for malignant tumors is carried out. • Uses next-generation DNA and RNA sequencing for sensitive detection of translocations and mergers. • The genomic test is performed in an external laboratory of Foundation Medicine Inc. / Foundation Medicine Germany GmbH in Germany. What are the benefits of genomic testing? • The results of complex genomic profiling are provided in the form of a report. The findings will help the attending physician to find and prescribe personalized therapy that will give the best possible result. • The detected genomic changes and biomarker data can help to choose an off-label treatment that is not used in routine practice for this type of tumor, but can have a positive effect in the presence of mutations. • Select active clinical trials that match the Patient's genomic profile. You should consult your oncologist about the necessity and expediency of conducting a comprehensive genomic test Foundation One!

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