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Diagnostic Department

Diagnostic techniques used in Pacific International Hospital allow to identify the earliest pathological changes in the work of human organs and systems. Modern equipment of the latest generation guarantees high accuracy of diagnostics, which is very important for correct diagnosis and successful treatment.

Service prices

Service prices


Identification of acid-fast mycobacteria (AFB)

650 rub.

Sampling of material for PCR Virus Varicella-Zoster

435 rub.

Collection of material for Pneumo Screen Viruses

2 070 rub.


Fiber-optic bronchoscopy sanitation

6 700 rub.

Fiber-optic bronchoscopy sanitation (hospital)

4 500 rub.

Fiber-optic bronchoscopy diagnostic

5 180 rub.


Gastric mucosa biopsy (1 unit)

1 150 rub.

Sampling of biomaterial for histological examination

650 rub.

Polypectomy, biopsy (more than 10 units)

10 930 rub.


Sampling of biological material for histological examination

650 rub.

Polypectomy + biopsy (more than 10 units).)

10 930 rub.

Polypectomy + biopsy (for 1 unit))

4 030 rub.

CT scanner (CT)

CT angiography of the thoracic aorta

7 000 rub.

CT angiography of the vessels of the abdominal cavity

8 000 rub.

CT angiography of the vessels of the abdominal cavity (for patients weighing less than 50 kg)

7 200 rub.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Urgent Description (CITO) MRI

500 rub.

Additional X-ray film

300 rub.

Duplicate study description

150 rub.


Прием врача-рентгенолога

1 500 rub.

Описание рентгенограмм из других лечебных учреждений

1 100 rub.

Рентгенография С1-2 шейных позвонков через открытый рот

1 300 rub.

Ultrasound examination (ultrasound)

Внеплановый вызов врача УЗИ (Владивосток)

2 000 rub.

Выезд врача УЗИ на дом (до Зари)

3 500 rub.

Дуплексное сканирование артерий верхних конечностей

2 500 rub.

Functional diagnostics


1 000 rub.

Спирография с пробой

1 000 rub.

ЭКГ - расшифровка

650 rub.

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