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CT scanner (CT)

Service prices

Service prices

КТ ангиография грудной аорты

7 000 rub.

КТ ангиография сосудов брюшной полости

8 000 rub.

КТ ангиография сосудов брюшной полости (для пациентов с массой тела ниже 50 кг)

7 200 rub.

КТ ангиография сосудов головного мозга

7 000 rub.

КТ ангиография сосудов головного мозга (для пациентов с массой тела ниже 50 кг)

6 200 rub.

КТ ангиография сосудов нижних конечностей

7 000 rub.

КТ ангиография сосудов шеи

7 000 rub.

КТ аортография (грудной, брюшной отдел)

8 500 rub.

КТ височной кости

3 000 rub.

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Pacific Hospital

Computer tomography (CT) is a method of radiation diagnostics in which a layered image of an organ is created with the aid of X-ray radiation and subsequent computer processing. An image in the transverse plane, which cannot be obtained from a normal X-ray, is often optimal for diagnosis, as it gives a clear idea of the ratio of organs. CT is a relatively inexpensive tool for diagnosing a wide range of clinical problems. • Benefits of CT scans: • research speed • absolute comfort of the patient • 3D image reconstruction capability • painless and accurate • compared to MRI: The CT is less sensitive to the patient’s movements and can be performed with implanted medical devices of any kind in the body • compared to conventional X-ray diagnostics: CT provides very clear images of many tissue types, such as lungs, bones, and blood vessels. Because CT research allows for the creation of intrabasic images of hollow organs, this method is a good tool for non-invasive examination of the colon, the bronchial tree. At Pacific Hospital, all organs and systems are examined on the modern 64-row CT scanner GE Optima 660. • GE Optima 660 has significant differences from its «brethren» older generations: • the examination is not limited by body mass and age of the patient • the tomograph is equipped with the technology of reducing the beam load to 30% compared to earlier models • the GE Optima 660 tomograph provides high-resolution images in a wide range of procedures, including cardiac, angiographic, orthopaedic, and brain, chest, and abdominal • contraindications for CT research include pregnancy only

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