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The principle "Children and Youth First! " at Pacific International Hospital is filled with absolutely specific content: the Hospital employs qualified doctors with extensive experience, modern and safe equipment for diagnostics and treatment is installed, and the work of all departments is well managed and coordinated.

Service prices

Service prices


Внеплановый прием врача-педиатра (в больнице Фальк)

3 500 rub.

Короткая консультация врача-педиатра

1 200 rub.

Курсовой прием врача-педиатра в стационаре

1 500 rub.

Pediatric gastroenterologist

Endoscopic removal of foreign bodies under medical sleep (in children)

14 600 rub.

Pediatric gynecologist

Reception of a pediatric gynecologist

1 800 rub.

Removal of foreign bodies from the vagina (in children)

4 000 rub.

Primary appointment with a pediatric gynecologist

2 100 rub.

Pediatric neurologist

Medical examination by a doctor - pediatric neurologist

1 200 rub.

Primary appointment with a pediatric neurologist

2 450 rub.

Repeated appointment with a pediatric neurologist

1 600 rub.

Urologist for children

Treatment of purulent balanoposthitis (washing)

700 rub.

Registration of a doctor's certificate - pediatric urologist

1 000 rub.

Primary appointment with a pediatric urologist

1 800 rub.

Pediatric surgeon

Opening, drainage of the abscess (I degree) under local anesthesia

5 000 rub.

Intra-articular injection / puncture of periarticular bursae

1 870 rub.

Bladder catheterization

1 500 rub.

Orthopedic traumatologist

Медицинский осмотр ортопеда (детский)

1 000 rub.

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