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Urologist for children

Service prices

Service prices

Treatment of purulent balanoposthitis (washing)

700 rub.

Registration of a doctor's certificate - pediatric urologist

1 000 rub.

Primary appointment with a pediatric urologist

1 800 rub.

Repeated appointment with a pediatric urologist

1 250 rub.

All service prices
Pacific Hospital

It is necessary to make an appointment for a consultation with a pediatric urologist if the child has: • violation of urination: too frequent or, on the contrary, rare or painful urination; • urinary incontinence during the night or NAP, urinary incontinence during the game; • any painful sensation in the scrotum or groin area; • deviations in the structure of the penis or the location of the external opening of the urethra; • non-omission, swelling of the testicle; inability to expose the head of the penis; • increased body weight and subcutaneous fat in combination with a small penis and an underdeveloped scrotum. If you notice these symptoms, do not neglect the health of your own children, promptly seek advice from a pediatric urologist at Pacific Hospital. Remember: treatment of urological problems at the initial stage of their development can go much faster.

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