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Palliative care

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Service prices

Первичный прием врача паллиативной помощи

4 000 rub.

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Pacific Hospital

We value the quality of life of the Patient and the peace of mind of his relatives. One of the areas of the General Pacific Hospital is the provision of palliative care. In a specialized department of our hospital, Patients are treated, even in the most severe conditions. Comfortable stay and constant patient care is provided around the clock. We value the quality of life of Patients and the peace of mind of their relatives, so human participation and support, charity and care are an integral part of our work. Pacific Hospital is a place where there are no barriers to getting painkillers, where the efforts of medical staff and Patients come together to fill time with life. We will provide: • relief of pain and other symptoms that cause suffering; • psychological and spiritual support; • psychological counselling for the Patient's relatives; • Comfortable living conditions at all stages of the disease, combined with other therapies designed to improve the quality of life. Thus, the main task of palliative care at Pacific Hospital is to achieve, support, preserve and improve, as far as possible, the quality of life of the Patient! We have: • a license to provide palliative care; • comfortable palliative wards and special conditions for relatives of patients; • the ability to provide medicines in a short time; • on-site patient transportation service. Don't forget: "Just because a person can't be cured doesn't mean they can't be helped!»

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