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Service prices

Rabies vaccination (KOKAV)

1 970 rub.

Tetanus vaccination (AS + PSS)

795 rub.

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What is vaccination? Every day, our body is exposed to a variety of infectious agents-viruses, bacteria and fungi. The immune system protects us from serious diseases. The immune system is a complex system consisting of many mechanisms. All these mechanisms together provide protection against a wide variety of infections and diseases. The absence of any of them exposes us to an increased risk of the disease. When microorganisms (the smallest living things) attack our body, some of the cells of the immune system take on the role of the first line of defence — they slow down the spread of the pathogen and create an effective and long-lasting defence (just like the front line in war — including fortified positions and protective fences designed to delay the enemy until the main forces arrive). After some time, the immune system is already able to recognize the pathogen that causes the disease, and creates a more focused and more reliable defence against it. It expels the "aggressor" from the body, in particular, by producing antibodies. Antibodies are proteins that react with a foreign body, neutralize it, and remove it from the body.However, the role of the immune system does not end there. It also produces immune memory, designed to prevent relapse of the disease.

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