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Admission Department

Admission Department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients receive all types of qualified trauma outpatient care in one place. Depending on the condition at the time of admission, the patient undergoes full examination, according to the results of which he is prescribed and treated accordingly. Also, patient can be placed in a hospital by appointment of a traumatologist. In case of an emergency, patient is admitted to an emergency operating room or intensive care unit.

Service prices

Service prices

Ambulance and transportation

10 минут работы выездной бригады СМП

650 rub.

10 минут работы выездной бригады СМП (кардиологический, неврологический вызов)

1 000 rub.

10 минут работы выездной бригады СМП (реанимационный вызов)

1 300 rub.

Emergency care (Duty doctor)

Прием дежурного врача

2 800 rub.

All service prices
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