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Service prices

Прием врача паллиативной помощи на дому (от ст.Океанской до Углового)

6 500 rub.

Прием врача паллиативной помощи на дому (до ост. " Фабрика Заря")

4 500 rub.

Внеплановый прием ЛОР-врача (ночной)

8 950 rub.

Выезд на дом медицинской сестры (от ст. Океанской до Углового)

3 500 rub.

Выезд на дом медицинской сестры (Владивосток, до ост. Фабрика Заря)

2 500 rub.

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Not always does a working person have time to come to the clinic, sit for a couple of hours in order to be examined by a doctor and get a conclusion of your disease. Not every sick person with a high temperature will be able to visit a doctor in a polyclinic. Increasingly, you can meet people who use the service "call a doctor at home". Benefits of calling a healthcare professional at home: · Doctors arrive on call as soon as possible. · The doctor, who arrived on a call, individually approaches each of his patients. Having portable equipment at hand, it can make an accurate diagnosis and take all the necessary tests from a sick person at once, conduct an ultrasound. · You will be prescribed a course of treatment and will write a prescription for the purchase of the necessary medicine. · Calling a doctor at home, you are guaranteed to receive qualified help, the doctor will accurately diagnose and answer all your questions. With a chronic disease, you have the opportunity to see a doctor while at home making a periodic call to the doctor. · For people of retirement age, calling a doctor at home will save them from the tedious journey to the clinic and waiting in a long queue for a doctor's appointment. By calling a doctor at home, you have the opportunity to get help from qualified specialists, while saving your personal time.

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