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Service prices

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Diagnosis of diseases of the mammary glands, first of all, consists in self-examination by a woman of her mammary glands about 1 time per month. Every woman over 30 years of age should undergo regular examinations by a mammologist in the period from 6 to 9 days of the menstrual cycle, counting from the first. Systematic visits to the doctor will allow you to detect the disease in time at the initial stages of development, make a treatment plan. Timely detection and timely treatment in almost 90% of cases guarantee the recovery and preservation of a woman's life.

The most common cancer in women after the age of 40 is breast cancer. Breast cancer in most cases affects the glandular cells of the ducts or lobules of the breast. Most patients have an asymptomatic volume formation, which is detected during an examination or screening mammography. The diagnosis is confirmed by the results of a biopsy. Treatment usually involves surgical excision, often with radiation therapy, with or without adjuvant chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or both.

Determining the risk group for each patient is a mandatory diagnostic point. To do this, the doctor finds out all the data of the anamnesis of life, starting from childhood and ending with the present time. It is necessary to tell about the beginning of the menstrual cycle, about the beginning of sexual life, all pregnancies, childbirth, gynecological, endocrinological diseases. Whether there were previously identified oncological diseases of the internal organs, all operations performed, and hormone therapy. Of great importance is the family history: the presence of cancer in direct relatives.

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