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Service prices

Service prices

Повторный прием врача-дерматовенеролога

1 600 rub.

Мезотерапия волосистой части головы (без учета стоимости препарата)

1 650 rub.

Удаление гемангиомы (до 0.5 см)

750 rub.

Удаление кондилом (аногенитальных бородавок)

970 rub.

Удаление контагиозного моллюска

690 rub.

Удаление одного образования на лице

1 350 rub.

Collection of biomaterial (smear) by a dermatovenerologist

620 rub.

Appointment with a dermatovenerologist

2 200 rub.

Removal of skin lesions on the trunk / limbs (up to 0.5 cm)

1 250 rub.

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Pacific Hospital

Treatment in the Pacific International Hospital is comprehensive, conducted case-by-case, on the basis of an established diagnosis, taking into account the consultations of doctors in related specialties. This means that it will not be the disease that will be treated, but your body, combining outpatient treatment with the possibility of staying in the day ward. In the office of the dermatovenerologist, each patient is guaranteed an individual approach and full compliance with medical confidentiality. Strong diagnostic base of the Pacific International Hospital ensures that the examination is carried out in full and in the shortest possible time. Traditional and modern diagnostic methods (ECG, Ultrasound, Gastroscopy, Enzyme immunoassay, Determination of the hormonal background of the body, PCR, Direct immunofluorescence test, bacteriological and biochemical studies) help to understand the problem with which the patient has come to a dermatovenerologist.

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