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Before prescribing the procedure, specialist of the Pacific International Hospital conducts a conversation with the patient to find out whether he has chronic pathologies, and what treatment methods have already been used. During the examination of patients, a specialist: • checks the flexibility of the spine; • evaluates the amount of movement in the joints; • draws attention to the location of discomfort. Manual therapist, if necessary, prescribes additional diagnostics for the patient. It is performed by Ultrasound, X-ray, Magnetic resonance or computed tomography. After that, a diagnosis is made and an individual treatment regimen is drawn up for the patient. Сounterindications: • presence of tumors in the body; • infectious processes; • acute violation of the internal organs; • arterial hypertension; • mental disorder; • Bekhterev's disease. Manual therapy can not be carried out with fresh injuries of the spine and joints. The procedure, in this case, can be applied only after six months.

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