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Service prices

Service prices

Консультация хирурга ОНЛАЙН

1 000 rub.

Аспирация небольшой гематомы, серомы

2 000 rub.

Внеплановый прием врача-хирурга

3 500 rub.

Вскрытие гнойников (панариций. гидродентита, дренирование фурункула)

6 000 rub.

Дренирование брюшной / плевральной полости

7 500 rub.

Пункция сустава (диагностическая)

2 250 rub.

Первичный прием врача - хирурга

2 200 rub.

Прием врача - сосудистого хирурга

2 500 rub.

Прием врача пластического хирурга

1 500 rub.

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Pacific Hospital

Surgery is one of the oldest branches of medicine. It was used in ancient Egypt to remove stones from the bladder, heal fractures and open wounds. Anyway, since then, medicine has already taken a huge step forward, and the Pacific International Hospital, a multifield hospital, can bring the fruits of this revolutionary step to you. Moreover, as medical advances are not static, the Pacific International Hospital is equipped with the most advanced technologies. Operational interventions are carried out by highly skilled personnel and operational facilities are highly technologically advanced

In addition to the traditional surgical methods, other surgical methods are used. For example, the use of modern, low-invasive outpatient surgical techniques makes it possible to significantly reduce the duration of treatment and rehabilitation of patients, while reducing the risk of operational and infectious complications. And achieving endovision surgery helps to perform interventions with minimal skin damage.

The course of surgery and treatment at the Pacific International Hospital will be strictly supervised by your attending physician, and the accompanying consultations will markedly speed up the subsequent rehabilitation!

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