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Service prices

Service prices

Консультация терапевта ОНЛАЙН

2 000 rub.

Внеплановый прием врача-терапевта

3 500 rub.

Заполнение санаторно-курортной карты

1 000 rub.

Короткая консультация врача-терапевта

1 000 rub.

Курсовой прием терапевта в стационаре

1 500 rub.

Осмотр врача-терапевта перед операцией в больнице Фальк

1 300 rub.

Оформление листа нетрудоспособности

500 rub.

Оформление прививочного сертификата

1 500 rub.

Оформление справки врачом-терапевтом

700 rub.

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Pacific Hospital

Therapy includes all medical areas with the exception of surgery. The physician has extensive medical knowledge to make the initial diagnosis, since it is the first specialist, that the patient turns for advice when he does not know which doctor to go to.

In the Pacific International Hospital,  physician will conduct an initial examination of the patient, listen to complaints, check the general condition, as a result of which he will make a diagnosis, or give referrals for tests (blood, feces, urine) or visit narrow specialists.

In addition, in the Pacific International Hospital, the physician solves the issues of temporary disability of the patient, issues a certificate of disability, a student's certificate, and also issues certificates to the pool, health reports, a spa card, prescription forms.

Don't wait for the disease to disrupt your life plans. Come to the doctor's appointment on time, because modern therapy is not only an effective treatment, but also prevention.

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