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Service prices

Service prices

Бужирование уретры

3 500 rub.

Забор биоматериала (мазок)

450 rub.

Забор сока предстательной железы

1 010 rub.

Замена уретрального катетера ФОЛЕЯ

1 000 rub.

Первичый прием врача уролога

2 500 rub.

Повторный прием врача уролога

2 000 rub.

Курсовой прием уролога в стационаре

1 500 rub.

Мануальное обследование простаты

900 rub.

Массаж предстательной железы

900 rub.

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Pacific Hospital

Pacific International Hospital  in Vladivostok provides  comprehensive medical care to patients with various diseases of the urogenital system : from diagnosis, conservative and surgical treatment, to subsequent rehabilitation and follow-up, using modern methods .

Do not hesitate to see an urologist! Problems of the genitourinary system not only bring pain and discomfort, violate the quality of life, but also threaten the development of dangerous complications.

At  the Pacific International Hospital, we guarantee full privacy, so all treatment information remains between the patient and the attending doctor. The specialists of our hospital will help you  to regain your health quickly, painlessly and as efficiently as possible.

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