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Pacific Hospital

General Hospital Pacific operates around the clock, which allows for routine and emergency operations in the field of multidisciplinary surgery, oncology, maxillofacial surgery, traumatology, orthopedics, gynecology, urology, proctology, otolaryngology and plastic surgery. The operating rooms of the Pacific Hospital are equipped with the most modern medical equipment and fully comply with the standards adopted in the leading clinics of the world. In addition, the round-the-clock hospital accepts patients for palliative treatment. Round-the-clock hospital wards The clinic has comfortable one- , two -, three-and four-bed wards. In each ward: • functional bed made in Italy by Vernipoll, with limited personal space, due to curtains made of special material, which allows you to maintain individual comfort and provides personal space; • remote control and call buttons for medical staff, near the bed and in the bathroom, in case of an emergency; • installation of individual oxygen and air supply; • air conditioning; • individual bathrooms with handrails for disabled patients and underfloor heating; • wardrobe; • TV with multiple satellite channels in multiple languages; • free Wi-Fi. The bathroom is equipped with the necessary hygiene products (shower gel, shampoo, soap). Each patient is provided with a set of dressing gown, chemise, slippers and towels. Meals in the round-the-clock hospital Three meals a day are provided for patients undergoing treatment at the Pacific Hospital. One of the main principles of therapeutic nutrition is to maintain a balanced diet, i.e. a certain ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water in the right proportions for the human body. Diet is one of the most important methods of treatment for many diseases, and for some - the main one. In medical nutrition, it is important not only the correct selection of products, but also compliance with the technology of culinary processing, the multiplicity and time of meals. Meals in the hospital are organized in strict accordance with the prescriptions of the attending physician, depending on the diagnosis. When prescribing a diet, take into account the nature of the disease, the degree of existing disorders in certain organs, and therefore make appropriate changes in the composition of food diets, exclude certain products, change the technological mode of cooking. If the patient has food preferences, they can discuss their menu with their doctor. In the case when the patient is assigned a multidisciplinary diet and there are no restrictions on the diet, in our hospital it is possible to additionally order food delivery from restaurants in the city. Treatment in the private Hospital Pacific is: • fast and high-quality diagnostics; • use of high-tech minimally invasive methods of treatment; • the use of only effective methods of surgical and therapeutic treatment accepted by the world medical community; • comprehensive postoperative rehabilitation under the supervision of the attending physician. A preoperative examination at the Pacific Hospital can be performed as early as the day of diagnosis, and the necessary tests and a conversation with the anesthesiologist are supervised by the operating surgeon. A distinctive feature of the Pacific Hospital is the short recovery period after surgery, compared to other clinics. The effectiveness is achieved through the implementation of high-tech, minimally invasive interventions, effective therapeutic treatment. Hospitalization in the 24-hour hospital of the Pacific Hospital Hospitalization of the patient in the hospital is carried out around the clock and can be planned or emergency. Planned hospitalization After the decision on hospitalization is made, the preliminary cost is negotiated, taking into account the doctor's recommendations and the patient's wishes. When admitted to our hospital, patients are treated by the same doctors who conduct outpatient appointments. Thus, continuity in treatment is ensured. Before hospitalization, the patient must pass a clinical minimum of tests, the profile of the clinical minimum is determined by the attending physician at the stage of the Emergency Department (therapeutic/surgical). In the case of surgical pathology, a preoperative examination at the Pacific Hospital can be performed as early as the day of diagnosis. Unscheduled (emergency) hospitalization Emergency hospitalization is carried out at any time of the day and is carried out in case of acute conditions, as well as exacerbation of chronic diseases that require immediate medical attention. Within the framework of paid hospitalization, transportation to the hospital can also be carried out in a specialized ambulance equipped with all the necessary equipment and medicines. During transportation, the patient is accompanied by a team of qualified specialists who are ready to immediately provide all necessary medical care. Deposit Admission to the Pacific Hospital is subject to prepayment. In case of planned hospitalization, a deposit of 50,000 rubles must be made before the patient is admitted to the hospital. If you have a VHI policy, the patient's hospitalization is agreed with the insurance company in advance. Unscheduled hospitalizations are also carried out on an advance payment, i.e. with the corresponding deposit before the patient's immediate hospitalization in the hospital: • Therapeutic, oncological, cardiological and neurological profiles of hospitalization – 50,000 rubles. • Surgical profile - 50,000 rubles + 100% of the cost of the operation. • Resuscitation and intensive care – 300,000 rubles. • Palliative care – 100,000 rubles. The deposit is used to pay for the patient's treatment (consultations, tests, diagnostics, stay in the ward, operations, etc.). If all the funds of the deposit are used, the payer is informed of the need to make an additional payment, i.e. to make a deposit for the provision of future services. If an unspent amount remains on the deposit at the time of the statement, the payer has the right to make a refund upon presentation of an identity document, or to leave this amount on the deposit to pay for future services, including outpatient services. The cost of staying in hospital The cost of a daily stay in the hospital ward for planned and unscheduled hospitalization is indicated above in the price block. For the first calendar day, a daily stay in the ward is charged, regardless of the time of admission. • If the patient is discharged before 12:00, the daily stay in the ward for the current day is not charged. • When the patient is discharged from 12:00 to 17:00, 0.5 daily stay in the ward is charged for the current day. • If the patient is discharged after 17:00, the daily stay in the ward is charged for the current day.

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