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Interventional surgery

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Advantages of interventional surgery

•Minimally invasive intervention does not require long-term hospitalization, and is often performed on an outpatient basis in a "one-day" mode.

• There is no need for general anesthesia, which removes many contraindications to treatment.

• Operational risks are much lower, since the integrity of the skin and muscle tissues is preserved, and the manipulations are monitored by X-rays, ultrasound technologies, and MRI.

•The recovery period after endovascular treatment is shortened and proceeds easily for the patient.

• For endovascular intervention, not only the circulatory system of the vessels is used, but also the lymphatic system; it is possible to treat the vessels themselves, the heart and other organs through the intra-organ ducts.

• The cost of endovascular surgery is in most cases lower than the cost of performing a similar cavity operation.

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