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Pacific Hospital

Why is there a stress-free and pain-free trauma clinic waiting for you at Pacific Hospital? Because the patient receives a high-quality painkiller that is safe for health, which allows him to even out the psychoemotional state. The staff and equipment of the clinic allow you to solve the most complex tasks. All medical personnel have qualified categories. Patients are received, without false modesty, by the best specialists in Vladivostok: doctors and candidates of medical sciences, professors, associate professors, assistants with many years of experience in clinical and scientific work. Today, Pacific Hospital is a dynamically developing healthcare organization that combines within its walls and actively implements all the latest achievements and discoveries of medicine. The hospital is equipped according to the highest standards of surgery. All doctors have a wealth of experience behind them, which allows them to perform all surgical interventions on the first day of treatment at the hospital! Pacific Hospital has a minimum set of necessary implants, and if you need something that is not available, an urgent order is organized and the implant will be delivered as soon as possible. By the way, we completely abandoned the system of skeletal traction – an extensional method of treating traumatic injuries of the limbs. The purpose of the method is to gradually set the fragments with the help of weights and hold them in the correct position until the formation of the primary bone callus. This method is usually used when preparing for an operation. For many patients, this fear tops the top fears related to city hospitals, where it is not possible to operate on the victim immediately, and therefore, you have to lie on this system for weeks, chained to the bed. At Pacific Hospital, we operate as soon as possible. 3-4 days after the operation, the patient goes home, and your doctor continues to "guide" you, monitoring the recovery process. For comparison, the duration of hospitalization in city hospitals for each nosological unit is approximately 21 days, and you can operate on the 19th day of your stay, and not on the first! The difference is more than palpable, don't you agree? Pacific Hospital successfully applies the most modern technologies that are practiced in the world. Here they operate with a minimally invasive method – if somewhere you need an incision of 30-40 centimeters, from joint to joint, then in our clinic the operation will be performed through a small incision of up to 5 centimeters. Accordingly, the risk of infection is reduced, tissues are less injured, blood loss is reduced, and in the future, less bandages are required and rehabilitation is much faster. Trauma surgeries performed at Pacific Hospital: · Fractures of the clavicle, all parts of the humerus, bones of the forearm and hand. · Fractures of all parts of the femur (including the femoral neck, transvertebral and intervertebral fractures). · Fractures of all parts of the leg and foot bones (including intra-articular ones with bone grafting). · Primary and secondary surgical treatment of limb wounds of various localizations (including those with damage to tendons, blood vessels and nerves). · Suture of the damaged tendons of the fingers of the hand and foot, Achilles tendon, biceps tendons of the shoulder. · Repair of damaged ligaments. · • Correction of foot deformities (Hallux valgus, Hallux valgus). · Removal of all types of metal structures. · Arthroscopic operations on the knee and shoulder joint. PACIFIC is an example of providing quick and professional help to people in any situation. We are always there, always in touch, always ready to help in the most difficult moment!

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