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From Portugal with a fracture

From Portugal with a fracture

Vladivostok sailor Evgeny K., 40, turned to Falсk after unsuccessful attempts to get help not only in his native city, but even in Europe.


He was admitted to a medical center with a serious leg fracture that occurred while working at sea near Portugal. The sailor was sent to one of the clinics in Lisbon, where doctors recommended surgery. However, the shipping company where Eugene worked could not pay for such treatment in Portugal. As a result, the patient returned to his native Vladivostok, having endured a long flight. By that time, his leg had been in a cast for 6 days.

The sailor immediately recovered for help in one of the Vladivostok state hospitals, but during the three days of his stay there, he did not have the necessary operation. The patient decided to use the services of the Falk hospital, for which Falk's forces organized his transportation and subsequent hospitalization.

After assessing the situation, the doctors of the Falk Hospital came to the conclusion that an additional X-ray examination was necessary. After receiving the new images, the patient was prepared for the operation, which was performed the next day after admission to the hospital and lasted 5 hours.

The operation on Eugene's broken leg was quite difficult, as the surgeons found a lot of bone fragments that needed to be joined together. Two metal plates were also placed on the patient. The graft bone was taken from the patient's hip for the most reliable "bonding" of the bone fragments. With such a long operation, the patient needs the most comfortable conditions. Therefore, Eugene was placed on a heated mattress in the operating room.

After the operation, the patient spent 7 days in the hospital of the Falk Hospital, after which he was discharged. Eugene, who works in a foreign company, was given all the necessary medical documentation and invoices in English, with which, without any extra hassle, he can claim a refund as spent on treatment.