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A saving breath of air

A saving breath of air

In the hospital Falk asked the relatives of the patient with the goal of palliative care. The hospital staff consulted the relatives and offered transportation services and hospitalization to the hospital for treatment and observation in the palliative ward. The patient was almost unable to breathe on his own and was on round-the-clock oxygen support. When examining the patient, it turned out that the lumen of the right bronchus is completely closed by the tumor, and the lumen of the left bronchus is blocked by a polypoid formation. It was decided to perform a unique operation – stenting of the bronchus simultaneously with photodynamic therapy on the right affected bronchus. Due to the severity of the patient's health condition, the manipulation was associated with a high risk to life, but despite the risks, it was decided to carry out the intervention . The manipulation was completed as quickly as possible, the patient was under the influence of drug-induced sleep and did not experience any difficulties.


To assess the effectiveness of the procedure, diagnostic manipulations were performed after 2 days, which confirmed the validity of the stent in the correct place and without displacement. Moreover, thanks to the photodynamic therapy, it was possible to recanalize the right bronchus. As a result, the left lung and 2/3 of the right lung were fully opened, which allowed the patient to refuse oxygen support and independently maintain the necessary level of oxygen in the blood.