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Accompanying a patient to Korea

Accompanying a patient to Korea

Patient S., a resident of Vladivostok, was brought to the Falсk hospital in June 2015 in a state of epileptic status. The patient was immediately given an MRI scan.

As a result of the CT scan it was determined that the patient has required early surgical intervention. The patient's family wanted the operation to be performed in a clinic in South Korea. The Falk Hospital has specialists from its own ambulance service to accompany Patient S. to Korea. The patient, together with Falk's specialists, went to a neighboring country on an Aeroflot flight. During the entire flight, he received qualified medical care from the accompanying Falk ambulance doctors. At Seoul Incheon international airport, the patient has been transferred into the hands of Korean colleagues.

This experience showed how high the capacity of the hospital in Vladivostok is – from the moment a complex patient was admitted to Falсk to the transfer of his ambulance unit at the South Korean airport, everything was done on time and without problems.